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Jewellery designer Ananya’s Malhotra’s healing stones

Jewellery designer Ananya's Malhotra's healing stones

She is all of 24, but Ananya Malhotra knows her mind. When we meet her at Evoluzione, a multi-brand retail store, the jewellery designer speaks about her newly-launched jewellery line ‘Naya’ with pois Read more:

‘Brosurance’ Obamacare ad asks, ‘Do you got insurance?’

‘Brosurance’ Obamacare ad asks, ‘Do you got insurance?’!/Chiccywood/status/392698666844045312 As Twitchy reported, a new pro-Obamacare campaign promotes something called “brosurance.”!/COHealthAccess/status/392671410524397569 The URL featured in the ad is!/VekTorBK/status/392703867332227072!/CaroleGilman/status/392694489363406848!/Alice_Aitch/status/392694848366444544!/MomMilkshake/status/392693468251701248 To be fair, there seems to be an audience for this pitch.!/greenshoemelo/status/209150815812853761!/Dont_Give_Af/status/220420700031291392!/ItsNelson_/status/298118023527677952…