Breivik massacre trial underway in Norway!/matthewwprice/status/191784240722096129

Many reporters are tweeting the opening of the Anders Breivik massacare trial. Here’s a taste of the Twitter running updates on the court proceedings this morning:

#Breivik confirms his name. Says he's a writer when asked for occupation. Prosecution starts its case.

— Matthew Price (@BBCMatthewPrice) April 16, 2012

#Breivik prosecutors read out list of those killed in the bomb blast he caused in Oslo. He looks impassive.

— Matthew Price (@BBCMatthewPrice) April 16, 2012

Prosecution listed injured in Oslo. Now dealing with count 2 – #Breivik killing of 69 on Utoya island.

— Matthew Price (@BBCMatthewPrice) April 16, 2012

The horrendous inhumanity behind #Breivik shootings listed name by name with graphic details of how his bullets killed.

— Matthew Price (@BBCMatthewPrice) April 16, 2012

Breivik gives fascist salute as he arrives. Trial opens. Breivik says he doesn't recognise court. Victims names being read out.

— Tim Marshall (@Itwitius) April 16, 2012

Chilling hearing the forensic details at the #brievik trial of how every one of his 77 victims died. 7 pathologists divided up the work

— Robert Nisbet (@RobNisbetSky) April 16, 2012

As baby face Breivik sits in court, he looks like an incarnation of the banality of evil.

— Tim Weber (@tim_weber) April 16, 2012

Breivik trial: live report: 0720 GMT: The judge orders all photographers bar two to leave the courtroom.

— MSN Singapore News (@msnsgnews) April 16, 2012

True extent of #Breivik crimes hitting home as details of how his 77 victims died continue to be revealed in courtroom 250. Those poor kids.

— Carl Denton (@Cajosolu) April 16, 2012

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