Energy Dept. awfully defensive over ‘failed’ green car programs

The U.S. Department of Energy last week announcedmore than $58 million in funding for an experimental initiative supporting the domestic automobile industrycalledAdvanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing (ATVM).

Judicial Watch wasn’t as thrilled with the announcement, recalling a number of money-losing “green” gambles by the administration.

Judicial Watch likened the new program to miserable failures likeFisker Automotive, the “fly-by-night electric car companythat shut down after getting an eye-popping $193 million from the government” andVehicle Production Group, which went under after losing $50 million in taxpayer money.

Someone running the Twitter feed at the Department of Energy today was cranky that Judicial Watch mentioned Fisker but not success story Tesla.

The Tesla is a successin China, prompting CEO Elon Musk to dedicate himself to finding a manufacturing partner and a locationfor a Chinese factory by mid-2016.

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