How Low Can You Go? Definitely Not As Low As This Girl Can. OMG!

Shemika Charles has been showing off her incredible agility since she was only 14.

The self-proclaimed “Limbo Queen” first became interested in seeing how low she could go after her mother worked as a dancer for over 16 years. Charles found inspiration in her mother’s work and began practicing daily to hone in on her skills and defy the odds. In 2010, Charles set the Guinness World Record on live television as she successfully limboed eight and a half inches from the ground. Five years later she set a new record by successfully limboing under a car.

For her latest feat, this limbo expert decided to show off her waitressing skills as she travels underneath a parked SUV. Carrying two trays of drinks, Charles maneuvers her way underneath the SUV with ease.

You have to see it to believe it!

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