Never Step On Another LEGO Again With These 22 Clever Toy Organizing Tips

You’ve never experienced real pain until you’ve stepped on LEGOs with your bare foot. It’s a scientific fact that this is the most painful sensation of all time.

Okay, that’s not true, but it’s still pretty bad! Having spent hours babysitting my cousins and working as a substitute teacher, I’ve come to discover that the words “kids” and “organization” don’t often go together. In most households with one or more children, the extent of organization is the pile system — one pile over there, two in that corner, 10 more in the little ones’ bedrooms.

For first-time parents, maintaining an organization system in the child’s playroom is key. Teaching kids to stay organized and clean up after themselves at an early age can have an amazing impact on their success in the future. Lucky for those parents who wish to improve upon the situation, here’s a list of 22 awesome ways to help organize your children’s toys while simultaneously minimizing stress.

1. First of all, 52 Pickup can be a thing of the past with these card game organizers!

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2. This arts and crafts center gives you and your kiddos easy access to all the crafting materials you could possibly need, and everything has a home.

3. Display your child’s favorite cars with this sleek shelving. They’ll love showing them off so much, they won’t even know they’re cleaning!

4. Magnetic knife holders will prevent any head-on collisions in the playroom.

5. Keep Barbie and friends in an over-the-door shoe organizer to ensure that everyone gets to participate in playtime!

6. Add labels to your old coffee cans to create cute organizers.

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7. Bring some wall-mounted flower baskets inside to up the organization factor and put your kids’ cutest toys on display.

8. Turn your living room floor into a no-parking zone with this car caddy.

9. Using clear plastic containers allows you to see which toys go where in a flash.

10. Every child can have their own work (and play) space with these modular storage tables.

11. Cut the tops off of empty tissue boxes for a quick storage solution for odds and ends.

12. Your favorite board games can double as cool wall art for any playroom when kiddos grow tired of them.

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13. This epic hanging closet storage is perfect for the den or the bedroom.

14. Keep your LEGOs under control with this awesome organization system.

15. Create a hammock for everyone’s favorite plushy friends.

16. Pencil cases are great for storing puzzle pieces instead of relying on cardboard boxes that go from zero to flimsy real quick.

17. Transform old buckets into unconventional coloring book holders.

18. Spice racks can also give your nursery a pinch of style when it comes to storing your little one’s favorite books.

19. This ball storage alternative will declutter your garage in no time at all.

20. Who says your stuffed animals can’t have a little fun of their own in this storage swing?

21. Transform a wagon into this awesome bookcase.

22. Popsicle molds make for mess-free craft tables.

I may not have kids of my own, but I still might use some of these tips in my house. Parents are kind of like really tall children, right?

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