Nothing to hear here! CNN, MSNBC hosts talk over Benghazi hearing testimony!/nevamari/status/332173597634330624

Shockah! That Twitter user wasn’t the only one who noticed.

Disgraceful; CNN and MSNBC have idiot commentators talking over the hearing on Benghazi.


If you’re watching @nowwithalex, @msnbc right now, you’re not hearing #Benghazi testimony. They’re talking over it.

— Jason Weida (@jasonweida) May 8, 2013

…And @cnn joins @msnbc‘s ‘let’s pretend to cover #Benghazi hearing while we just talk over testimony’ club.

— Jason Weida (@jasonweida) May 8, 2013

@alexwagner why are you talking over the testimony of the Benghazi hearing? #liberalmediabias

— Karyn Coy (@acoykaryn) May 8, 2013

CNN and MSNBC are talking over the actual Benghazi hearings and putting their own spin on it. What a shame!

— Mike Waitt (@WaittMike) May 8, 2013

#MSNBC #CNN has feed of #Benghazi hearing but are talking over those testifying. How do you expect to know what’s being testified? #pathetic

— Nicola Grochowsky (@xHEYHEYVJJ) May 8, 2013

#Benghazi hearing is live on Fox News now for Americans to listen but is being talked over with the #nothing2c liberal spin on MSNBC & CNN

— THE BLARKANSAN (@blarkansan) May 8, 2013

@usa_patriots @cnn @malleussports True! I flipped to CNN, & they were giving talking points & talking over witnesses. #Benghazi

— Melody Stuart (@MStuart1970) May 8, 2013

#benghazI this is ridiculous CNN is talking over Hicks during his testimony! they are scared of this testimony

— Mosin Nagant(@Mosin_9130) May 8, 2013

#CNN why are you talking over the testimony??? Shut up! #benghazi #benghazihearing

— Mimi Madeira (@MimiMadeira1) May 8, 2013

Shame on #cnn and #msnbc for cutting away for #Benghazi witness testimony and talking over them. Shame on you! #tcot #teaparty

— Iron Patriot (@TomJefferson8) May 8, 2013

Yeah, why would anyone want to hear the #Benghazi testimony when we could hear what Wolf Blitzer thinks… Really @cnn?!?

— Mike (@VE7KPM) May 8, 2013

.@cnn @wolfblitzer @danabashcnn are just talking over testimony with nothing but @whitehouse SPIN pro Obama & Hillary! HACKS! Not Journalist

— RickyRay (@RickyRayinGA) May 8, 2013

Hey @cnn @msnbc talking over/brking for comm. over live Benghazi testimony? No wonder ur ratings suck! #nocredibility

— Pamela Kulwiec (@pjktwit) May 8, 2013

Hicks speaking to Congress now, and Wolf Blitzer/ CNN deliberately talking over his testimony with journalist anecdotes! #benghazi

— ♠ StyleWar ♠ (@stylewar) May 8, 2013

#CNN commentators are TALKING OVER the critical witness testimony at Benghazi hearings. Leave it to Wolf and CNN!

— George (@TexGEOas) May 8, 2013

.@jaketapper Then why is your Network talking over them? #benghazi #CNN

— Daniel Victor (@dvictor11) May 8, 2013

Boom. Why, indeed?

CNN talking over Mr. Hicks testimony….telling the sheep what they will be allowed to hear, filtered through Leftist #Propaganda #Benghazi

— woot6(@woot6) May 8, 2013


Lapdogs being lapdogs. Nothing to see or hear here, people. The Very Special Media will decide that for you.

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