Ready, aim, fire: Twitter vigilantes threaten Zimmerman with weapon-wielding ‘selfies’!/GunzoAintShit/status/356234831581040640

He deleted the tweet:!/GunzoAintShit/status/356266054898565122

But, of course, the photo is all over Twitter:!/SavageSquad300_/status/356263783494197249

Here are some of the charming tweets that won RTs from “Gunzo”:

knife guy!/iamChantaya/status/356251729446174720!/NUCLEARZAYN/status/356247650594598913

But don’t worry. You see, it’s all just a joke!!/GunzoAintShit/status/356244171020976128

In fact, Gunzo says it’s not even him in the photo. Why, he’s practically a modern-day Gandhi:!/GunzoAintShit/status/356262967475568642

Then again:!/GunzoAintShit/status/356253449777709058



Twitter lynch mob threatens to kill George Zimmerman

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