Rep. Peter King: Obama Finally Fulfilling Liberal Fantasy Of Getting Back At Israel

“One of his many liberal fantasies he fulfilling in his last two years,” says King.

Republican Rep. Peter King of New York says that President Obama is using the remaining to years of his presidency to fulfill liberal fantasies, including finally “getting back at Israel” for not “accepting” what he called his “apology” tour to Arab countries at the beginning of his 2008 term.

“I think he has two years to go and he’s right now fulfilling all of his liberal fantasies,” King told AM970’s John Grambling Show. “And whether is was closing Guantanamo, talking about global warming, implying that those of us who are concerned about terrorism are exaggerating for some partisan purpose, whether he can finally get back at Israel for the fact that they never accepted his apology tour to Iran and the Arab countries back in 2009. He’s doing it. And he’s basically saying ‘to hell with everybody else.'”

The White House and Democrats have contended that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s upcoming speech to Congress is a violation of protocol which will politicize Israeli-American relations. House Speaker John Boehner invited Netanyahu to address Congress without first informing the White House or Democrats.

King likewise took aim at a claim from President Obama said during a interview with Vox in which described climate change as a greater threat than terrorism.

“To say that that is front center that that’s more important than people being beheaded or burned to death. I mean, how can the president say if you look at what happened at 9/11, to say that potential danger from global warming is more important than saving the lives of those 3000 people that died on 9/11 and God knows how many more have been killed since. How many more can be killed. How devastating this is.”

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