Shaquille O’Neal is the next thing on José Canseco’s fork!/weeddude/status/367466107851898880

What’s José Canseco’s beef with Shaquille O’Neil?!/JoseCanseco/status/367465519747571712!/FitNastyy/status/367468732370542592

Maybe this has something to do with it, although you might want to consider the source.!/corduroy1979/status/367466409594335232

It doesn’t look like Shaq is in any hurry to get back to Canseco about what time he’s expected on his fork. Buzzfeed editor Michael Rusch, though, has stepped forward to challenge Canseco to a fight — for charity, of course.!/weeddude/status/367467129143959554!/MicahGrimes/status/367468087836033024


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