These Adorable Grandmas Keep Tagging Themselves On Facebook…As WHO?

Grandparents usually aren’t the best with social media, especially Facebook. Even though it’s not really their fault, the results are almost always painfully awkward. Sometimes, though, you get situations like this: Grandmothers all over Facebook are accidentally tagging rap star Grandmaster Flash in their statuses.

This turns their little notes of “Love Grandma,” into “Love Grandmaster Flash.” Apparently, it’s a hilarious epidemic (there’s even an entire Tumblr page dedicated to it). I don’t think I’m the only one who hopes this never goes away.

1.) You go Bonnie.

2.) Grandmaster Flash has been around for a while.

3.) Now grandma has an even cooler nickname.

4.) Grandmaster Flash is always considerate.

5.) Thanks for clearing that up.

6.) Steven and Grandmaster Flash go way back.

7.) Partying with the Grandmaster.

8.) Grandmaster Flash is apparently a little forgetful.

9.) Grandmaster Flash also loves giving hugs.

10.) This wasn’t an accident. Grandma just really likes hip-hop.

11.) Grandmaster Flash respects his parents.

12.) This is probably the best one.

13.) Looking good Flash.

14.) Such entertainment.

15.) At least grandmother is admitting her technical shortcomings.

(Via: Twisted Sifter)

…if only my grandpa really was Grandmaster Flash. Oh well, at least these grannies are giving Grandmaster Flash some good viral publicity. That’s the kind of marketing you can’t buy. 

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