Things that enrage Republicans vs. things that enrage Democrats!/adamsbaldwin/status/237061959768485888

Heh. Gutless Eric Boehlert, indeed.

Poor Twitter progressives will never learn; they again attempted to run with a hashtag: #ThingsThatEnrageRepublicans. It consisted of gems like this:

Being called out for indulging in logical fallacies. Not knowing what logical fallacies are. #thingsthatenragerepublicans

— Deborah N. Tornello (@litbrit) August 19, 2012

Oh, dear.  They are stupid and stuff, get it? Yuk, yuk, yuk.

Conservatives soon took it over, and dominated, as always.

#ThingsThatEnrageRepublicans Obama out campaigning against the past 4 years like somebody else was President all that time

— Katy (@KatyinIndy) August 19, 2012

An 8.3% unemployment rate more than 3 years after Obama spent $820 billion to, he said, keep it below 8%. #ThingsThatEnrageRepublicans

— SunnyRight (@sunnyright) August 19, 2012

#thingsthatenragerepublicans – Morons who refuse to see that Democratic run cities like Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, Philly R full of crime.

— Laura Freed (@heyLauraFreed) August 19, 2012

Actor Adam Baldwin called it like it is.

Enough said. The hashtag was not only hijacked, but another one was started: #ThingsThatEnrageDemocrats.

#ThingsThatEnrageDemocrats Paul Ryan has Obama 2008 crowds.

— Liars Never Win (@liars_never_win) August 19, 2012

Ha! That also enrages Team Obama. So much so that they are now pitifully trying to spin their lame crowds as being on purpose!

#ThingsThatEnrageDemocrats Hard work, because sulking off the government is so liberating! NOT. #tcot

— Gabriella Hoffman (@Gabby_Hoffman) August 19, 2012

#ThingsThatEnrageDemocrats – When Obama signed the NDAA when he promised he wouldn't. (oh, wait, my bad, they gave him a pass).

— Laura Freed (@heyLauraFreed) August 19, 2012

#ThingsThatEnrageDemocrats Women that don't follow the Gospel of Vagina Monologues.

— Gabriella Hoffman (@Gabby_Hoffman) August 19, 2012

#ThingsThatEnrageDemocrats – Sexy Conservative women who don't need a feminism group telling them what to do.

— Laura Freed (@heyLauraFreed) August 19, 2012

Minorities who think for themselves & don't vote the way they're told #ThingsThatEnrageDemocrats

— Han Yolo (@MCHblazer) August 19, 2012

#ThingsThatEnrageDemocrats Joyful Conservative Republicans

— Jana Shellman (@wishladya) August 19, 2012

Yep, few things enrage them more than happy warriors.

Successful hijack completed:

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