‘Thinks he’s General Patton now': Vox’s Gaza bridge expert not too worried about ISIS


Earlier today, the Washington Examiner’s Justin Green asked a great question:

What's the contingency plan if ISIS takes Baghdad?

— JustinGreen∞ (@JGreenDC) October 2, 2014

Fortunately for him, Zack Beauchamp, Vox’s go-to Gaza-West Bank bridge guy, was there to Voxsplain it for him:

@JGreenDC not going to happen, so really don't worry about it

— Zack Beauchamp (@zackbeauchamp) October 2, 2014

Oh. Well, he sounds pretty sure about that …

@zackbeauchamp what gives you that confidence? Revolutionary Guards gonna pour into Iraq to stop it?

— JustinGreen∞ (@JGreenDC) October 2, 2014

Beauchamp’s got that covered, too.

@JGreenDC The problems with Baghdad are almost innumerable. Shia population, fortified positions for the high-quality Iraqi army units 1/2

— Zack Beauchamp (@zackbeauchamp) October 2, 2014

@JGreenDC the fact that ISIS would have to mass in open terrain, which would make them 1000 percent more vulnerable to air strikes 2/3

— Zack Beauchamp (@zackbeauchamp) October 2, 2014

@JGreenDC the list goes on and on. There's a reason they didn't push into Baghdad into June, when it was at least plausible.

— Zack Beauchamp (@zackbeauchamp) October 2, 2014

No need to worry, guys. Zack says it’s gonna be juuuuuust fine. Alrighty, then!

Dude who imagined the West Bank-Gaza Bridge thinks he's General Patton now. pic.twitter.com/DXCw57K0XU

— BT (@back_ttys) October 2, 2014

@back_ttys @redsteeze General Pâté.

— neontaster (@neontaster) October 2, 2014



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