Tim Pawlenty says the Romney campaign should look elsewhere for VP

Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who briefly ran for the Republican nomination last year, says the Romney campaign should look elsewhere than to him for the vice presidential pick.

Let's just not have one. Most of them dont seem to wanna do it anyway. RT @rachelveronica Not Daniels, not Pawlenty. Next.

— Giles (@GilesMcK) June 24, 2012


Tim Pawlenty says he can best serve Romney off the ticket, but leaves the door open to VP nomination http://t.co/cGxYO0Z7 v

— Fred Orth (@FredOrth) June 24, 2012

The former governor also slammed the Obama administration for its handling (or lack thereof) of the economy.

Pawlenty: Obama "absent" on economic issues: Defends Romney by saying ex-Mass. Gov. has been specific about his plans for tax reform,…

— Angel Savage (@AngelSavage1) June 24, 2012

Opinions flowed about whether Pawlenty would be a useful choice for the number 2 GOP spot.

@fran_chambers I hope Pawlenty isn't chosen for VP. We need excitement and charisma of Rubio.

— JALFlowers (@lundejoan) June 24, 2012

VEEPSTAKES: My guess remains Jindal, with Pawlenty second, and even Thune more plausible than Portman or Ryan or Rubio.

— Jeff Hauser (@jeffhauser) June 24, 2012

@missADelgado Tim Pawlenty. Yes, he's boring as hell, but I think he nicely supplements Romney's "jobs and competence" campaign theme.

— Mike Gannon ن (@MikeCGannon) June 24, 2012

Step 1. Pick Ron Paul. Step 2. Win. RT @AP Pawlenty says he has told Romney campaign 'to look at other prospects' for running mate

— Cliff Seal (@cliffseal) June 24, 2012

@OctavianD And… I would say T.Paw has some common sense. That would not be a strong ticket. Romney & Pawlenty.

— Scott J. (@sjicaucusTV) June 24, 2012

I finally agree with Tim Pawlenty, Romney campaign should look elsewhere for their VP.

— Steve Deace (@SteveDeaceShow) June 24, 2012

And, leftists used it as an opportunity to take cheap shots.

If Santorum were less crazy & Pawlenty more so, either would have a shot at VP. I see a new body-switching script!

— Litsa Dremousis (@LitsaDremousis) June 24, 2012

A Pawlenty/Romney ticket would be the most boring ticket in the history of presidential politics.

— Stefen R. Short (@StefenRShort) June 24, 2012

This may be vile and I apologize, but: When they are with Romney do Gingrich, Perry, Pawlenty, Ryan and Rubio Spit or Swallow? #rwnj #p2

— Stupid Should Hurt (@stophrtngusa) June 24, 2012

@BuzzFeedAndrew Pawlenty will be significantly more effective in support of President Romney in other roles than VP.

— Greg Katz (@GregKatz) June 24, 2012

hey mitt pawlenty/thune/portman=boring old white guys. try cain or allen west. btw im a white guy.

— shadowwarrior (@SHADOWARRIOR75) June 24, 2012

#Pawlenty even more boring than #MittRomney. Beige vs. off-white. Hope "0bamneycare" dig gets replayed on loop. http://t.co/qD6eGpYI

— Jack Quigley (@jackquig) June 24, 2012

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