Weasel move: Pa. judge blocks voter ID law until after November election


Chalk one up for voter fraud. Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson ruled today that the voter ID requirements signed into law this past March cannot be enforced until after the general election. His reason? Disenfranchisement of potential voters. The law states that voters must present a valid photo ID in order to cast a ballot. Under Simpson’s ruling, voters can still be asked for identification, but if they cannot comply, they will still be allowed to vote:

“I am not still convinced in my predictive judgment that there will be no voter disenfranchisement arising out of the commonwealth’s implementation of a voter identification requirement for purposes of the upcoming election,” Simpson wrote. “Under these circumstances, I am obliged to enter a preliminary injunction.”

However, Simpson’s ruling allows other provisions of the law to stand, including voter education efforts that a photo ID is required to cast a ballot. Election officials also can ask for a photo ID, but cannot prevent people from voting if they don’t have one.

The judge wrote that state legislators intended for election officials to request a photo ID during the transition period for the new law “even though the vote will be counted regardless of compliance with the request.”

Several people remarked on the the judge strangely sanctioning ballot workers to ignore photo IDs:

So PA election officials can ask for IDs but every voter gets to vote on a machine whether they have the ID or not. Strange ruling

— Howie Klein (@downwithtyranny) October 2, 2012

PA voter ID ruling is bizarre. You can still be asked for ID, but then vote anyway if you don't have it? http://t.co/EyyGGAc9

— Benjy Sarlin (@BenjySarlin) October 2, 2012

Just heard oddest report on PA voter ID. If u show up to vote u'll b asked for ID but u won't b required to provide it? Can any1 shed light?

— Just a girl venting (@Lilleth71) October 2, 2012

It’s worth noting that this is the same Judge Robert Simpson who ruled against an injunction in August. So perhaps his wishy-washy view of the photo ID requirement isn’t so out of character.

Those who subscribe to the Sarah Silverman school of thought and believe large swaths of voters are too incompetent to procure valid photo IDs were ecstatic:

pa voter id law shot down thank you jesus!

— Big Reece (@goodfella215) October 2, 2012


— Fran (@DeeeVaaa) October 2, 2012

Yes! Progress! Hopefully this will be the last word before the election http://t.co/8tzUL77Q

— benburns (@benburns) October 2, 2012

Good news! RT @CommonCause: Victory for voting rights! PA Voter ID Law Delayed—All Votes Will Count on Nov. 6 http://t.co/QoN9EKoz

— Mike Stout (@mikestout_msu) October 2, 2012


"@USRealityCheck: Judge enjoins PA Voter ID law… http://t.co/e6TfsaLX dk #P2" hey #GOP don't you just hate those goshdarned voting rights?

— Adam (@acwTX) October 2, 2012

Big victory for voters in Pa. as Judge halts voter ID law that would have disadvantaged minorities in Nov election! http://t.co/0g7jGYnD

— Areva Martin, Esq. (@ArevaMartin) October 2, 2012

PA Voter ID law ordered not be enforced. This is a huge victory!!

— Michael David (@MichaelVthe2nd) October 2, 2012

so happy about the voter ID ruling in PA.. sorry GOP.. just going to have to find another way to disenfranchise voters

— Jody Franklin (@Ben__Franklin) October 2, 2012

Judge blocked PA voter ID law! Eat that, Republicans! 😛

— Diana's 2 Sense (@DianaHollins) October 2, 2012

Glad PA Supreme Court threw out that jacked voter id law. Victory for elderly,disabled, students and all who would've been disenfranchised.

— PJ (@PJ4MJJ) October 2, 2012

Sorry, @KarlRove…looks like you'll have to let black people vote. "Pa. Judge Puts Voter ID Law on Hold for Election" http://t.co/5O6kCWpF

— Todd Pruzan (@toddpruzan) October 2, 2012

Judge in PA blocks republican attempts to disinfranchise thousands of poor, elderly and minority voters by throwing out voter ID law

— Christopher Vanni (@TheOriginal_CV) October 2, 2012

Great news for Pennsylvanians facing the threat of brash, untested, and draconian voter ID laws!http://t.co/hNXZpO2V @OnPointRadio#VoteReady

— Rejane F (@Frederc10) October 2, 2012

Proponents of accountability were disgusted:


— Sherry Samples (@sherrysamples) October 2, 2012

Doesn't matter which party you lean towards it should be a requirement to provide a valid id when voting. http://t.co/kHRGQU81

— kchisler (@iufannva) October 2, 2012

Due 2 a judges ruling the PA Voter ID Law is being postponed meaning that it wont be enforced in 2012 elections. Expect voter fraud 2 be bad

— Shawn Fitzgerald (@TheAmericanTMan) October 2, 2012

PA voter ID law overturned. Im gunna go there now and try to buy booze w/o an ID and see how that goes… #commonsense

— Dennis Courchaine (@dennyJr22) October 2, 2012



Tough? Really having a photo ID is tough? I foresee more Obama voter fraud in PA with the help of the Obama… http://t.co/TAJbnN0e

— LandOfDave.com (@LandOfDave) October 2, 2012

PA judge today ordered state officials NOT TO ENFORCE new voter ID laws b/c "some voters would otherwise be disenfranchised." No photo? OK.

— Katylee McInerney (@Magniflux2) October 2, 2012

Someone explain the problem w/having to show an ID when you go vote. Why is that so hard? Judge blocks PA voter ID law http://t.co/Otvj9puX

— Heather (@HeatherRM27) October 2, 2012

@Talkmaster We're not reading the voter ID case right, the news release should've read: Pa. Judge rules Democrats too stupid to get an I.D.

— Jordan Kinard (@JordanKinard) October 2, 2012

PA judge ensures state will have huge voter fraud by blocking requirement to show ID when voting. Sad day for honest elections.

— Rob Conway (@conwayrd) October 2, 2012

bull shit bull shit bull shit Judge blocks Pennsylvania voter ID law ahead of election | Fox News http://t.co/SLCygqHJ via @foxnewspolitics

— linda (@pinnie99) October 2, 2012

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Judge blocks Pennsylvania voter ID law ahead of election | Fox News http://t.co/djxOwCZR via @foxnewspolitics Why?

— Robert Pullins (@rpullins) October 2, 2012

So PA rejects voter ID law? Why not? What could be less important than safeguarding the integrity of the core democratic process? Incredible

— David Limbaugh (@DavidLimbaugh) October 2, 2012


The ruling could still be appealed, though with just over one month left until the general election, time is running out.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/10/02/pa-judge-blocks-voter-id-law-until-after-november-election/

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