20 Ways That Parents Have Transformed Their Kids’ Rooms Into The Best Place Ever. I’m So Jealous.

One of the best parts about having children (aside from providing them with unconditional love and finding meaning in life) is getting to act like a kid again. Your own inner child is going to be so jealous when you see these awesome DIY projects you can start for your own children. Let the characters in Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland and other classic children’s tales come to life with these simple, but genius, ideas. Your next weekend project should include one of these. You’ll have a lot of fun!

1.) Put a wardrobe in front of a playroom door to make a fun path to Narnia.

2.) Transform a chest of drawers into a “bottomless suitcase.”

3.) Create a mystical lamp post in the forest, without the forest.

4.) Cover wall outlets with Alice in Wonderland themed doors.

5.) Cut out (or buy) a Peter Pan decal to put on the wall.

6.) Make any bedroom door into Platform 9 3/4.

7.) Turn any storage closet into a hobbit hole.

8.) Take an old chair and make it look at home in Wonderland.

9.) Convert a normal doorknob into a talking one.

10.) Create your own, magical flying ship.

11.) Build a teepee even Tiger Lily wold love.

12.) Turn a broken umbrella into a fair chandelier.

13.) Hang Christmas lights behind curtains to make a magical bedroom.

14.) Use three mirrors to make a simple Mickey mirror.

15.) Build an indoor swing for friends.

16.) Paint a mural that looks like a window overlooking Victorian London.

17.) Recreate Beast’s magical floating rose.

18.) Build an indoor treehouse.

19.) Paint an oversized chalkboard for your children.

20.) Hang easy-to-make fluffy clouds.

(H/T BuzzFeed) Building a secret gateway into your very own Narnia looks so easy, everyone should do it (even if they don’t have children yet). Share that and the other awesome ideas with others by clicking below.

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