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Headline of the year involves giant marble vagina; photos even better!/tim_chr/status/480873103245840384!/smythmels/status/481047037639950336 No comment necessary. Snickers, however, are mandatory. Best headline ever: ‘US exchange student pulled from Tubingen University marble vagina’…— Ben Johnston (@BenJohnston_) June 23, 2014!/nypost/status/481060004389482496!/cemartin88/status/481032873151983616 The only thing missing? Giant grumpy uterus puppet! Read…

Kareena may do a special song in ‘Golmaal 4’

Kareena Kapoor Khan is not starring in the fourth instalment of hit comedy franchise Golmaal but the actor, who was seen in its previous two parts, might do a special song in Golmaal 4, director Rohi Read more: