A Guy Noticed Something Dying In A Trash Can. And I Still Can’t Believe What Happened After That.

In the middle of Detroit, a person walking down the sidewalk heard something strange… something was in trouble. The man walked over to the garbage bin, not knowing what to expect. What he saw was absolutely heartbreaking.

Underneath rubbish, an animal was whimpering.

It was a dying dog, cruelly thrown away like trash.

The Maltese mix was in trouble. A bag was twisted around his neck and he was nearly suffocating. He was forced to sit in his own urine for who knows how long, but it was long enough to give the dog severe burns. He also had a severe upper respiratory infection. It’s a mystery how he was even alive. What happened next is incredible:

The Chief Cruelty Investigator at the Michigan Humane Society said he must have been kept in an extremely small crate for a long amount of time.

Then, he was just thrown away.

The Humane Society workers named this little bruiser Edgar.

After treatment, he was miraculously just like a brand new dog.

Thank you to Cindy Nelson-Pouget, who was moved by Edgar’s plight and welcomed him into her home.

We love this little mug. How could anyone mistreat him so badly?

(H/T HuffPost) It’s unfathomable how anyone could mistreat a dog so severely for so long. To help pups like Edgar, please contact your local Humane Society. Volunteer, donate items or give money… there are so many dogs that are cruelly abused or just need homes. Now, share Edgar’s touching story with others. Hopefully the cruel person who did this to him will see how amazing Edgar’s life turned out to be.

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