A Puppy Was Raised By A Loving Human. Her Brother Was Not. How They Came Back Together Is Beautiful.

The day his little puppy was born was one of the best days of this man’s life. He was eager to name her and take her home and start their life together. Soon after adoption, though, he realized he might not be able to have one dog… Instead, he’d need to have two.

Four years ago, a beautiful litter of 13 puppies were born.

This man was going to adopt only one.

Choosing her was hard…

But finally he settled on this gorgeous ball of fur.

He decided to name her Sophia.

She was a lovable scamp, seen here with her brother Xander.

Ready to go home!

She grew up quickly, growing into her big floppy ears and Germen Shepherd grin.

Soon, she was big enough to go hiking, camping and boating with her owner.

She was one of the happiest dogs he knew.

Life was great!

But then, her owner learned about Xander, her brother. He was an outside dog year-round, living in a 10×10 kennel. He only meant to adopt one dog… but he knew what he had to do.

He adopted Xander as well and brought him inside. Sophia wasn’t too sure about her long lost brother.

He wasn’t too sure about needing to take baths.

But, slowly, they became a family.

Soon, he didn’t have to deal with just one begging face.

Eventually, Sophia and Xander became close.

He began to show how happy he truly was to be saved from a rough life on a chain.

He still didn’t like baths, though.

Life was full of fun for the two dogs, who are now Search and Rescue dogs and are even getting their Therapy Dog licenses.

Happy Birthday, Sophie.

And happy birthday to you, too, Xand.

What this man did for his dogs is inspirational. Dogs are part of the family, don’t treat them like lawn ornaments. Source

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