An Old Man On Crutches Just Out-Danced Everyone On Earth.

Getting old can really stink. Everyone does it, but not everyone looks forward to it. You don’t move around well, forget things, and even have to use canes and crutches. The worst thing has to be that everyone assumes you’re fragile, and can’t do anything. They will that that, at least, until one day you can’t take it anymore. You’ll give everyone a shock they’ll be talking about for weeks (which is just what this gentleman did). You won’t believe how…

Wandering onto the dance floor, this old man suddenly wanted to act the age he still felt in his heart. Which of course was the same age he used to bust a move.

Throwing away his crutches, he literally stole the show, and our hearts.

You know you want to see more… oh so much more:



(H/T: Bravo sir, bravo! We can’t stop smiling at your love of life and music. We only hope to be just as adventurous come your age. Share this with your friends below and they’ll be smiling all the way to the dance floor.

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