Brad Thor nails it on why we should be worried about Ebola!/BradThor/status/517070336093728769

He’s right about zombie movies and yesterday’s CDC briefing on Ebola was straight out of Hollywood, but should we ignore our concerns and trust the Obama administration when it says everything is under control?

Here’s your answer, via Brad Thor:

Yes, we totally handed out lab coats to bamboozle you re: #Obamacare, but you need to believe us now re: #Ebola

— Brad Thor (@BradThor) October 1, 2014

We hope the good doctors at the CDC are the kind that earned their lab coats and not the kind that had their lab coats handed to them as a public relations stunt.

Or this?

If you like your Dr. you can keep your Dr. & there's only one case of #Ebola inside the United States & we totally have it under control…

— Brad Thor (@BradThor) October 1, 2014

Good question. Does Obamacare cover Ebola?

And don’t forget the same people who missed the ISIS threat are in charge of our borders:

We didn't see #ISIS coming, but we totally saw Muslim terrorists using #Ebola as a bio-weapon and have sealed our borders up super-tight!

— Brad Thor (@BradThor) October 1, 2014

Feel safer yet? We don’t.


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