Can John Hinckley be charged with homicide in death of James Brady?!/craigcalcaterra/status/497850727558287360

Multiple media outlets are reporting that former White House Press Secretary James Brady’s death has been ruled a homicide. He passed away earlier this week — more than 33 years after being shot by John Hinckley Jr. during an assassination attempt on President Reagan.!/NBCNightlyNews/status/497848300192956418!/nbcwashington/status/497849277675483137!/ABC7Jennifer/status/497847038856658944

Needless to say, the medical examiner’s ruling has come as a surprise to many:!/mooshakins/status/497849626293436416!/laurieschechter/status/497850191962460162!/mfortuin11/status/497849859366727681!/KevDGrussing/status/497849902089928704

According to NBC Nightly News:!/NBCNightlyNews/status/497848804931284992

Can Hinckley actually be charged?!/Only4RM/status/497849740500152320!/charlescwcooke/status/497851784837484544!/Neal_Dewing/status/497852104426668032



‘Personified courage and decency’: Former WH Press Secretary James Brady has died

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