CNN’s Don Lemon is smelling Susan Lucci

Yes, it does sound a little bit creepy.

@donlemoncnn only if you don’t tell her and someone reads the tweet to her later.

— A Nicole Justice (@ANicoleJustice) February 7, 2013

Props to Don Lemon, though, for not resorting to a “subtweet” but instead addressing the Emmy Award winner by her account name. No response yet from Susan Lucci.

On a plane w @susan_lucci and @donlemoncnn …. There’s got to be a funny joke in there somewhere.

— Katy Tur (@KatyTurNBC) February 6, 2013

@donlemoncnnSmelling Erica Kane on a flight would be a dream could true for many an All My Children fan. Enjoy the beauty!

— Cathi Mims Yamaguchi (@MimsyYamaguchi) February 7, 2013

* * *


Just had a nice chat w/ @susan_lucci exiting the plane. What a class act. I’m in love. Good luck w/ ur new show Susan!

— Don Lemon (@DonLemonCNN) February 7, 2013

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