Columnist Walter Shapiro: ‘Going to Congress, Obama set major precedent to rein in Imperial Presidency’!/OrwellForce/status/374226065226334208

Yesterday, Twitchy reported that NBC’s Chuck Todd and BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith are in awe of Obama’s “extraordinary” decision to share power with Congress. Today, Todd and Smith were joined by a third Obama lapdog: Yahoo! columnist and Yale University teacher Walter Shapiro.!/waltershapiroPD/status/374182634970050560

Wait. What?!

If you find yourself yearning for an anti-emetic, you are not alone:!/yesnicksearcy/status/374221079033569280!/morgenr/status/374255357956083712!/TexMex817/status/374220582478286849!/Matthops82/status/374219642572533760!/realclearjoe/status/374224274761871360

Shapiro responded to his detractors with this:!/waltershapiroPD/status/374239067820392448

Talk about missing the point.!/JayCaruso/status/374274369788575744

Hat tip: Legal Insurrection.

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