Comedian Norm Macdonald believes in God; Atheists in a state of shock!/sypher1960/status/313410469480235008

Comedian and former “Saturday Night Live” alumnus Norm Macdonald stirred up a Sunday evening hornet’s nest with a series of tweets and replies on religion, tolerance, and respect for people of faith. It seems to have started with the above tweet from a reader of his who took offense at a public expression of faith during a PGA tournament broadcast.

Undoubtedly to the Christian-bashing reader’s surprise, Macdonald responded in defense of those who read scripture:

Macdonald retweeted a reader who opined that a lot of PGA golfers read scripture:

@normmacdonald I know most pga tour golfers do.

— Nancy Moroli (@goldenaspen) March 17, 2013

The comedian added:

Next came a flood of outraged tweets from atheist Twitter users, some of which Macdonald retweeted.

Aww man @normmacdonald Streelman is one of those, God, scripture, and peace pussies… Wife was a sexy but that shit ain’t cool..#itsabook !

— Rick Nawojski (@dickyboy13) March 17, 2013

“@normmacdonald: I think most people study the scriptures. Most people seem smart to me.”. I like a good fairy tale.

— Dr. Meyer (@Blooeybird) March 17, 2013

@normmacdonald hell, I hope not. I have ‘faith’ in rational thinking humans.

— Kevin sypher (@sypher1960) March 17, 2013

Some simply couldn’t believe it:

@normmacdonald You are a fellow Canuck, your brother works for the #CBC, you cant be religious!

— The Left Populist (@TheLeftPopulist) March 17, 2013

One non-believer said religion was the worst thing to ever happen to Earth:

@normmacdonald Religion is the worst thing to ever happen to this planet.

— Ryan Maino (@PARecSpecs) March 17, 2013

Another claimed religion has caused more human deaths than anything else:

@realsmc @normmacdonald Religion has also caused more human deaths than any one thing ever.

— J4R3D G4M8L3 (@DrHawk12) March 17, 2013

Macdonald came off looking tolerant and reasonable, whereas some of his more strident atheist critics seemed judgmental and hysterical.

@theleftpopulist @normmacdonald seems like those who don’t believe are most preachy.

— Michael Sorg (@mrsorg) March 17, 2013

@normmacdonald As a non-believer, I gotta say that capital-A Atheists are more tiresome than about 95% of all believers.

— Colin Meeder (@ColinMeeder) March 17, 2013

I love the fact that @normmacdonald is embarrassing a bunch of condescending atheists right now.

— AG (@AG_Conservative) March 18, 2013

@normmacdonald Norm, it really is scary how intolerant & judgmental those who hurl those accusations the most tend to be. #hypocrites

— HistoryofMatt (@HistoryofMatt) March 17, 2013

Loving the the way @normmacdonald is playfully swatting away intolerant atheists right now.

— Jim J (@anthropocon) March 18, 2013

Update: Norm Macdonald sadly deleted his tweets, after being attacked.

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