Comedian Richard Lewis promises/threatens more one-liners for Obama!/TheRichardLewis/status/244477354888548352

Why the sudden news alert from Richard Lewis? Apparently not all of his fans are pleased that he’s prepping a new pro-Obama stand-up act by repurposing liberal bumper stickers from 20 years ago.

What good are family values if they are built on hate.

— Richard Lewis (@TheRichardLewis) September 8, 2012

Topical comedy is where it’s at. Do you have any material specific to this election cycle?

Someone I know is a royal bain in my ass.

— Richard Lewis (@TheRichardLewis) September 8, 2012

Rimshot! How about those rich people, huh?

I have a millionaIre pal who couldn't care less about Medicare, Medicade or Social Security because his butler is a registered nurse.#OBAMA

— Richard Lewis (@TheRichardLewis) September 8, 2012

Wow! Reality gets me so many sudden this better?" A poor, gay, deeply religious immigrant walks into a bar."

— Richard Lewis (@TheRichardLewis) September 8, 2012

Anger addicts, all I mean buddies is in our country diversity shouldn't mean exclusivity. More one-liners to come. #OBAMA

— Richard Lewis (@TheRichardLewis) September 8, 2012

The economy is cool? Is that another way of saying the private sector is doing fine?

Say the economy is cool but 1/2 of us crap all over civil rights, health care for the needy, education, and full of hate. Are we elated?

— Richard Lewis (@TheRichardLewis) September 8, 2012

Ah, the old “full of hate” line. Which half could that be?

@TheRichardLewis would the half that are haters happen to all be republicans?

— Robert G. (@dmkchf) September 8, 2012

@TheRichardLewis are you referring to Republicans as the half that would do all that?

— Dave Fish (@davidefish) September 8, 2012

@TheRichardLewis Who is full of hate? Sounds like you are. 🙁

— Tim Werner (@timwwerner) September 8, 2012

If this is political comedy in 2012, we suggest you all curb your enthusiasm.

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