Community Post: 11 Other Parts Of Modern Society That Tina Belcher Would Improve

Sleater-Kinney’s new music video is just the beginning. Soon we will all be offering our butts and erotic fanfictions to our new overlord.


If you haven’t yet seen Sleater-Kinney’s new music video “A New Wave”,what are you doing here? Go! Run! By god, man, time is short — you need this video to live! If you have seen the video, then I hardly need to tell you: it’s definitive proof that Tina Belcher makes good things great, great things extraordinary, and extraordinary things butts. Because — in the words of Tina herself — BUTTS.

2. The DMV

Well, OK, so maybe it is the worst place on earth. But hey, at least you have your girl with you to help you perfect the signature Tina gron!

3. A Fist Fight

OK, so hopefully you’re not finding yourself in brawls very often, but if you need backup, Tina’s one good girl to have in your corner. Her and her 15 zombie boyfriends.

4. The Amusement Park

If you’re thinking, “But amusement parks are already fun? How could anything make them more fun?” then I invite you to look at the above GIF. That’s right. Just look at it.

5. Monday Mornings

Enough said.

6. Reading The Comments

Tina Belcher: Shining with positivity and light bright enough to traverse even those darkest dungeons of horrors. But remember, she’s no hero; she puts her bra on one boob at a time like everyone else.

7. The Bar

Confidence, poise, puns; Tina’s the full package. Plus, I bet she’d make a great wingwoman, and won’t ever try to steal your man — we all know her heart really belongs to Jimmy Jr.

8. A Dinner Party

A positive addition to any gathering, of course, but the intimacy of the dinner party really lets her shine.

9. Any Sporting Event

Maybe you like sports! But even for those of us who prefer to lurk in dark corners, clutching our Macbooks to our chests and hissing at sunlight, Tina could make a day at the ballgame fun.

10. Waxing Your Legs

Fox / Via

She’s an expert! Plus, she’ll help you hold a small but meaningful funeral for your leg hairs. Can’t ask for a better buddy that that.

11. The Grocery Store

Fox / Via


12. The Zombie Apocalypse

Fox / Via

Because. I mean. Obviously.

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