Community Post: Which Vintage ’90s Cereal Are You?

Are you classically sweet or boringly bland?

    1. Martien Uiterweerd / Via Flickr: 35110249@N05

    2. Charly / Via Flickr: terapixel

    3. Yidian Cheow / Via Flickr: iwanttobeanomad

    1. A.G. Photographe / Via Flickr: anto13

    2. Cuba Gallery / Via Flickr: cubagallery

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    1. dennis borcky / Via Flickr: 99207327@N08

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    3. Keegan Berry / Via Flickr: superdeathsquid

    1. Steve Berry / Via Flickr: unloveable

    2. William Warby / Via Flickr: wwarby

    3. Jaysin Trevino / Via Flickr: orijinal

    1. Stan Wiechers / Via Flickr: whoisstan


    2. CSwedberg / Via Flickr: caseyjs


    3. ficusdesk / Via Flickr: 43927551@N03

      Coconut Milk

    1. Artizone / Via Flickr: artizone


    2. Anson Chappell / Via Flickr: ansonchappell

      Soy Milk

    3. Mike Mozart / Via Flickr: jeepersmedia

      Chocolate Milk

    1. Janet Tarbox / Via Flickr: tarboxje


    2. Brian Herzog / Via Flickr: herzogbr

      Word Search

    3. arianne / Via Flickr: whatnot

      Tic Tac Toe

    1. naveed / Via Flickr: 9709824@N08


    2. chotda / Via Flickr: santos


    3. Heartlover1717 / Via Flickr: heartlover1717

      Connect the dots

    1. Mandy Jansen / Via Flickr: drh

      Thin Mints

    2. Jensteele / Via Flickr: jensteele


    3. brian / Via Flickr: brianpdx

      Savannah Smiles

    1. Brian J. Matis / Via Flickr: brianjmatis


    2. slgckgc / Via Flickr: slgc


    3. Michael Dorausch / Via Flickr: chiropractic

      Lemon Chalet Cremes

    1. Adventurous
    2. Sweet
    3. Spunky
    4. Thoughtful
    5. Overachiever
    6. Independent

Which Vintage ’90s Cereal Are You?

  1. You got: Jurassic Park Crunch

    Bold and lively, you tend to be a natural leader in your friend group. Just like this cereal, you’re always down for an adventure.

    General Mills / Via
  2. You got: Sprinkle Spangles

    You have a sugary sweet personality that everyone loves! For the most part you’re an optimist who always enjoys having a good time.

    General Mills / Via
  3. You got: Oreo O’s

    Just like eating cookies for breakfast, you don’t mind breaking out of the social norm. You’re sassy and sarcastic and tend to play by your own rules.

    Post / Kraft / Via
  4. You got: French Toast Crunch

    You’re original, caring, and don’t hesitant to go out of your way to help others. There’s no one quite as sweet as you!

    General Mills / Via
  5. You got: Urkel-Os

    Just like Urkel, you’re not afraid to embrace your own uniqueness! You’re lively, compassionate and always there for your friends.

    <img class="result_img" src="data:image/gif;base6

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