Conservatives fend off Obamacare, freakish Big Bird at #NJDream12

Conservatives including Michelle Malkin, Jonah Goldberg, Dinesh D’Souza, John Fund and others appeared today at the Defending the American Dream Summit in New Jersey to tackle issues from the repeal of Obamacare to Twitter 101. Attendees soon found they had to defend not only the American dream, but themselves as well, from yet another freakish Big Bird.

Brutal Big Bird attack on @jonahnro at #NJdream12…

— Stephen Gutowski (@collegepolitico) October 13, 2012

Why do people love Big Bird so much? That thing is terrifying!

John Fund and Big Bird seemed to get along well. Maybe Big Bird misunderstood and thought he was getting funded?

John Fund & Big Bird hanging out at #NJdream12…

— Stephen Gutowski (@collegepolitico) October 13, 2012

Michelle Malkin, with Tabitha Hale, demonstrated how easy it is to subdue Big Bird.

With @michellemalkin and Big Bird. #njdream12

— Tabitha Hale (@TabithaHale) October 13, 2012

It appears Big Bird went to the wrong convention if he was looking for handouts.

Big Bird panhandling for tax dollars at #NJdream12…

— Stephen Gutowski (@collegepolitico) October 13, 2012

No spare change for you, but James O’Keefe promised something much better.

Project Veritas’ @jamesokeefeiii talking about voter fraud and his latest sting operation! #NJDream12 #tcot

— Steve Lonegan (@lonegan) October 13, 2012

.@jamesokeefeiii promising new tapes coming soon at #NJdream12

— Stephen Gutowski (@collegepolitico) October 13, 2012

More vote fraud tapes will be released by @jamesokeefeiii. “They’re devastating.” #njdream12

— Meredith (@Mermaz) October 13, 2012

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