Cyborgs Are Real, And They’re Already Living Among Us.

The future is now, it’s just not what we were expecting. The future we were promised with jet packs and flying cars probably will never become a reality, but a new vision of the future is taking shape.

One area of science that’s bound to have a huge impact of the future of humanity is bio technology. We’re already seeing it hit the mainstream with wearable devices that track our heart rate and other vital signs. An increasing number of people are taking bio technology to the next level and becoming modern day cyborgs. Some of them are pretty freaky. 

1.) Neil Harbisson has an antenna implanted in his head. Harbisson is extremely colorblind, and the antenna allows him to experience color as sounds and musical notes in the brain.

Harbisson and James Cameron.

In 2013, Harbisson and his implant were the subject of an award winning documentary. Check it out below. 

CYBORG FOUNDATION | Rafel Duran Torrent from Focus Forward Films on Vimeo.

2.) Amal Graafstra has RFID chips implanted in his hands. He’s programmed the chips to do a few different things for him like unlocking his car, and home. He also runs a company that sells DIY chip implants.

Check out a talk Graafstra gave about his implants. 

3.) Adi Robertson has a magnetic implant in her hand. The magnet gives her the ability to levitate small metal objects.


4.) Professor Kevin Warwick has an implant that links his brain up to a computer. He can use the computer to control lights, heaters, and other computers.

Check out this TED Talk Professor Warwick did on implants and technology. 

5.) Tim Cannon invented a device that monitors all of his vital signs. It’s called the Circadia, and it synchs up with his home computer systems.

The Circadia before it was implanted.

Learn more about Tim’s implant in this mini documentary from Vice News.

6.) Moon Ribas is a choreographer and cyborg activist. She has a sensor implanted in the back of her head that that alerts her to people approaching from behind.

 Here she is discussing her new senses during a TED conference. 

(H/T: Business Insider)

I suppose we should all start swearing loyalty to our new cyborg overlords. Spread the word and share this post on Facebook by clicking below.  


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