Doctors Told Them To Either Abort Or Watch Their Baby Die In Their Arms. Then THIS Happened.

Just minutes after Chanel Murrish was born, she broke a record and became a miracle. She was Britain’s youngest baby to have open heart surgery. Doctors told her parents, before she was born, that she wouldn’t make it. They were so positive that the baby would die that they suggested aborting her… twice. The couple refused to give up on the little girl. She even gave them a sign, letting them know she would fight.

During a scan, Chanel gave her mom and dad a thumbs up. They knew their little fighter could pull through.

Just minutes after birth, doctors rushed the 7lb baby into an operating room to put a stent in her heart. She had hypoplastic left heart syndrome. One side of her heart wasn’t beating.

Seven days later, Chanel had another operation. Now, she is growing stronger with every passing minute, beating the odds and showing others how to be strong.

Source: Her parents couldn’t face terminating the pregnancy, even after receiving the terrible news when Fay was 20 weeks pregnant. “We were told Chanel could have operations but would only have a 50/50 chance of surviving the first and would need two more,” Fay said. But then, when her daughter began kicking, she and Michael knew that they would let Chanel fight. The couple has has raised £2,000 (about $3,3000) for Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital, the institution that helped save their daughter. To donate to the hospital and help them save other children, visit their donation page. Please share Chanel’s miraculous survival with others.

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