Dr. Ben Carson gains 12,000 followers, wows Hannity audience


Twitchy was thrilled to announce earlier today that Dr. Ben Carson, whose speech at the National Prayer Breakfast quickly became a viral hit, had joined Twitter. Carson didn’t have much time to tweet today other than to announce his hour-long appearance on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program, but that didn’t stop him from garnering more than 13,000 followers.

I'll be joining @seanhannity for the full hour tonight 9pm/12am ET. Tune in & let me know what you think.

— Dr. Ben Carson (@RealBenCarson) February 16, 2013

Here’s video of the full interview:

.ICYMI (HDvid) @RealBenCarson (Full Interview) @SeanHannity – 2-15-13: http://t.co/YQC3UpTC #tcot #tlot #teaparty #hannitylive #FW #TGDN

— Steven Laboe (@slaboe) February 16, 2013

So, Twitter, what did you think?

I have to say that @RealBenCarson was enormously impressive on @seanhannity tonight. This show was truly powerful. Bravo. Thanks, Sean!

— David Limbaugh (@DavidLimbaugh) February 16, 2013

I hated to see Hannity come to an end tonight.Dr. Carson is terrific @realbencarson @seanhannity We need more of him.

— ConservativeLinda (@Linda18788) February 16, 2013

I have become a huge admirer of @RealBenCarson! He tells it like it is and isn't afraid to stir up people. #WellDoneSir

— Stephen Zieman (@StephenZieman) February 16, 2013

To Dr. Ben Carson: Do you think the president heard you? Reply: I pray he did and if he did we will see changes in him. @realBenCarson

— PAF (@capecodsales) February 16, 2013

Absolutely phenomenal man! @RealBenCarson on @SeanHannity #tcot #gop #teaparty Please consider running 2016!

— Katy (@KatyinIndy) February 16, 2013

Can you all follow @RealBenCarson right now? #HannityLive

— IrritatedWoman™ (@irritatedwoman) February 16, 2013

If you're not watching #Hannity right now that's a shame. @RealBenCarson is on fire. I love it.

— Jeff Yeah! (@JeffOutLoud) February 16, 2013

I am blown away! Dr. Ben Carson is amazing @realbencarson @seanhannity Truly engaging, pragmatic, logical. Thank you!

— David Garrison (@dlgarrison) February 16, 2013

How refreshing to hear someone say that they believe in you (The American People). @RealBenCarson on #HannityLive @SeanHannity

— IrritatedWoman™ (@irritatedwoman) February 16, 2013

Oh my..what are the libs going to say about @RealBenCarson ? Black, independent, smart and a mind of his own. I think I am in love!

— Dar & Marvin Nash (@DRNashAuthor) February 16, 2013

@RealBenCarson @seanhannity Great appearance. Keep speaking the truth! Level headedness and temperment is very becoming in a leader.

— Joe Friday (@justhefax_mam) February 16, 2013

I can finally thank Obama for something…. Introducing me to @realbencarson… Thanks POTUS!

— GOP Fashionista (@gopfashionista) February 16, 2013

RT if you think God just grabbed @RealBenCarson by his collar and told him to run.

— ROBERT (@Alphatileist) February 16, 2013

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