Football fans anticipate Bob Costas’ first lecture of the season!/CaptainComment1/status/507680103724097536

Football’s back, which led viewers to wonder: what would be the subject of Bob Costas’ lecture for opening night?!/seanagnew/status/507684728745766912!/acebb20/status/507683055868592128

Well, they did.!/BlatantSkinsFan/status/507713038628429825!/DanProft/status/507713517982846976!/jimgeraghty/status/507683617913700352!/jimgeraghty/status/507712735631933440!/MrPeterConlon/status/507714081651179524

For some, it doesn’t matter what the topic.!/DaNotoriousBIZ/status/507719988468514816!/shawnn75/status/507712930302132225!/JoeNYLaw/status/507712808373723136!/TheKardiacKid/status/507677763047030785!/AmeriCurt/status/507713807003561984

There’s always Sunday.!/ERodgers12/status/507713463314317312


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