Fox News’ Ed Henry: Eric Holder has agreed to stay on as AG for a year!/ShannonBream/status/270637543513522177

Earlier this month, Eric Holder told a group of Baltimore law students that he wasn’t sure whether he would be back for another term as U.S. Attorney General. Now, according to Shannon Bream, her fellow Fox News correspondent Ed Henry has learned that Holder plans to stick around for another year or so. Goody.

@michellemalkin @shannonbream @edhenrytv Ugh. That’s what I have to say. Holder Be Gone!!

— Sherry Kerdman (@sherry_kerdman) November 19, 2012

Another year, another 365 days of lies-n-obstruction. RT @shannonbream Per @edhenrytv – AG Holder has agreed to stay on for “about a year”

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) November 19, 2012

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