From Young To Old In 5 Seconds. These ‘Before And After’ Photos Show How We Age.

Before we know it, life will pass each of us by. In but a blink, everything we know will be changed, even ourselves. It’s hard to see aging as it happens. We might just notice a thing or two different in the mirror over time.

But these amazing transitional .gifs will really show you what happens over the years.


Our lines will soften and our skin will sag. Laugh lines will become wrinkles.



But you can age with grace. Don’t fight against what’s natural. Every year of your life can be beautiful.


Happiness and joy aren’t just for the young. Our noses may lengthen, our jaws may sag and our eyes may grow watery, but each of us will still be beautiful beings.


It’s never too late to appreciate who you are as a person. Share this – help those you love appreciate who they really are, before it’s too late.


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