Heartbreaking: Children, family members mourn loved ones lost on 9/11


While it’s painful to remember the events of September 11, 2001, we must never forget.

Never forget the lost family members,the dad who never came home,the mom who didn't make it,the older son who they didn't even find. 9/11/01

— Kayy ✌ (@KayyJarrett) September 11, 2012

By remembering and facing the horror of that day, we honor all who lost their lives. We honor all the loved ones left behind, who will always be affected by their tragic loss.

52 babies lost their dads on 9/11. One little girl sometimes tells her mom "I wish Daddy hadn't been so brave" http://t.co/xoUQ1HoF

— meena hart duerson (@meenasaurus) September 11, 2012

Honor all the victims and their families. Honor the men and women who died trying to rescue them.

@Logancouture Amen. Grew up in firefighter family. One of my dad's best friends was Chief of NYFD. Died on 9/11.

— Michele Catalano (@inthefade) September 11, 2012

Twitter is helping loved ones remember, and mourn, today.

11 years ago, my grandma and grandpa were killed by the tragedies of 9/11 #RIP #NeverForget #911Rememberance

— grace (@gracecaylen) September 11, 2012

@davediehl66 can I get RT in honor of my grandpa who died on 9/11. pic.twitter.com/5q3tsog3

— king dos (@Joseph_Downey) September 11, 2012

11 years ago I lost my bestfriend my grandpa I love him sooo much and miss him like crazyy RIP 9/11 sad day! 🙁

— Andrea Nunez (@anunezmo) September 11, 2012

Wearing black today in remembrance of all the people killed in 9/11. <3 RIP <3 especially my grandpa love you <3

— Not.Skinny.Enough (@WannaBeSKINNY5) September 11, 2012

i still love my grandpa and 9/11 is a sad day for my family. I will always love him<3 North Tower<3 #NeverForget

— SAVED READ BIO (@ubercreaturesx) September 10, 2012





R.I P to my cousins mom who died in 9/11 and everyone else.

— TMF♣️ (@sierramonique2) September 11, 2012

Me and my dad can't play Jenga anymore because of the 9/11 attacks. He was killed instantly when the first plane hit.

— Truth Hurts (@Mr_Truth_Hurts) September 10, 2012

11yrs ago, my friends dad died in the 9/11 attacks. 5yrs later his mom died of cancer. Positive thoughts go out to him & all those affected

— tyler b. peters (@thetylerpeters) September 11, 2012

Rip my mom 9/11 /2001

— Aaliyahfanpage1979 (@AaliyahTLCfan94) September 11, 2012

R.I.P to my dad's friend Tom Foley, who lost his life trying to help save others in 9/11.

— Lauren (@xHeyItsMe) September 11, 2012


9/11 Word of silence for my dad Derrick Kidd R.I.P dad miss you #nothingbutlove turning all media off including phone for awhile

— Humble at Heart (@_PurposeInLife) September 11, 2012

#Remember911 lost my mom 🙁 R.I.P to her and all the people who died in 9/11

— Jazmine Marie Prince (@JazMPrince) September 11, 2012

RIP uncle joe,you were like my dad,love and miss you so much! #9/11 #neverforget 🙏

— amanda crowley (@crowley_amanda) September 11, 2012

I'll never forget the day they pulled me out of class in the 5th grade and told me my dad died trying to save a life in attack of 9/11. 😞

— thotianna (@MonaAmos) September 11, 2012

@Ryan_Acoustic thanks so much.My dad died on 9/11 and it means so much when people remember all the victims of that day.

— cait murphy (@caitmurphyy) September 11, 2012

I'm gonna CRY today! I lost my real dad in 9/11! He died in the building! I miss you! #NeverForget #9/11

— Jill (@xoxxbaby) September 11, 2012

I can't believe its been 11 years without you here Mom. I miss you everyday and I love you so much #neverforget <3 pic.twitter.com/OQ52WiZs

— Stephanie Hernandez (@stephgabriela10) September 11, 2012

We will never forget one of the most tragic days in history #9/11. I miss you dad so much hope I'm making you proud. #ILoveYou never forget💜

— ⚓️BULLSHIT⚓️ (@Larry__Baby) September 11, 2012

I cry every time someone talks about the world trade center I miss you dad I love you so much! #neverforget 9/11 💙💙

— ⚓️BULLSHIT⚓️ (@Larry__Baby) September 11, 2012



Rest In Peace Dad..Its been too many years, I will miss you Forever… I hate 9/11

— shally (@ShallybeCooling) September 11, 2012

Others are still scarred by the memories of fear, worry and almost-loss. Parents, grandparents who somehow managed to escape on that deadly day.

Shit is crazy 11 years ago today I almost lost my mom in the first tower :/ RIP to all those who died #9/11

— Nicole Nival (@NicoleAshleyx33) September 11, 2012

R.I.P to the heros & civilians that died on 9/11. So grateful my Dad wasn't 1 of the 6 ppl that died in his firehouse. #engine279 #ladder131

— Jennifer St. Pierre (@jennstpierre) September 11, 2012

R.I.P the people that died on 9/11,thank god my mom left before the towers fell…

— ~JustinsWife~ (@jasminegdoex3) September 11, 2012

9.11 , thank you god for saving my dad that day <3

— Paige (@Miss_PaigeA) September 11, 2012

My grandpa and uncle escaped 9/11 but we will never forget those who didn't #NeverForget #Remember911

— Amanda Gamsu (@AmanndaaMariee) September 11, 2012

My grandpa was supposed to be on flight 175 but decided to leave a day early and I'm so thankful for that. RIP to all the victims of 9/11 <3

— Valerie Parr (@_valerieparr) September 11, 2012

My mom's plane ticket to Baltimore on 9/11 .. So blessed that she was safe. R.I.P to all victims  pic.twitter.com/fQBkLS55

— Anna Carrick (@a_carrick) September 11, 2012

Children honor fathers lost on 9/11, by following in their footsteps. Warning: Tissues will be needed.

Daughter of Fallen 9/11 Hero Follows in Dad's Footsteps http://t.co/mQSabYwb #conservative #independents #teaparty #vrwc #lgbt #tcot

— Lesbian Conservative (@lesbianoutsider) September 11, 2012


Stephen Driscoll’s son Barry became a police officer last year. He received the same shield number as his father, who died on September 11.

The handsome son of a hero cop who died on 9/11 has followed in his selfless father’s footsteps and joined the NYPD’s ranks — taking his dad’s shield number.

Ann Driscoll, widow of Emergency Service Unit cop Stephen Driscoll and proud mom of Barry Driscoll, 25, says she has no reservations about her only child’s bold decision to carry on his dad’s work.

“I never worried about Stephen, I’m not going to worry about Barry. God has a plan, He will take care of you,” she told The Post.

Rest in peace. Those you left behind honor you and continue to do so; their strength is a true tribute.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

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