Here Are 18 Disney World Secrets And Fun Facts You Never Knew Existed.

Disney World is often described as the most magical place on earth (with Disneyland trailing behind in 2nd place). Well, I’m about to make it seem a whole lot more magical. The theme park is literally filled with fun secrets that you’d never notice just walking through. That’s why you need to check out this list before you go: some of these would be impossible to spot on your own!

1.) The Camel outside Aladdin’s Magic Carpet that “spits” on guests that walk by is actually operated by a man nearby who judges whether or not he can hit the unsuspecting visitors.

2.) There are only 3 Presidential Seals housed in the country. The Oval Office, The hall where the Liberty Bell is housed, and The Hall of Presidents in Disney World.

3.) Devices called Smellitizers are strategically placed throughout the park to emit certain scents, such as on Main Street USA, the smell of cookies and vanilla is emitted.

4.) In Tom Sawyer’s Island there are paintbrushes hidden throughout the attraction and if you find one, hand it to a park employee and they will give you and your party fast passes for one ride.

5.) There is a suite in Cinderella’s Castle that can’t be booked and you can only stay there if you win a contest.

6.) At the Be Our Guest Restaurant there is a secret menu item. Ask for “The Grey Stuff,” which is referenced in the song “Be Our Guest.”

7.) The Seas Aquarium in Epcot is the second largest aquarium in the US. It uses 5.7 million gallons of water.

8.) Under the Magic Kingdom there is a secret tunnel system used by cast members and other employees to navigate the park unnoticed.

9.) There are thousands of hidden Mickey’s through the parks and resorts.

10.) The Disney Bus Transportation system is the 3rd largest bus system in Florida.

11.) Gum is not sold in any of the parks so they can prevent visitors from stepping in gum or having gum stuck on their rides.

12.) The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh ride in Magic Kingdom was formerly Mr’ Toad’s Wild Ride. You can see a picture of Mr. Toad handing the deed over to Owl in the ride.

13.) After Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride closed, a tombstone of Mr. Toad was placed in the graveyard at The Haunted Mansion.

14.) If you ask to pilot Mark Twain’s River Boat ride, you are welcomed to the captain’s room where you can pilot the ship.

15.) The plane in the Casablanca part of the Great Movie Ride is actually the front half of the crashed plane from the Jungle Cruise ride.

16.) The dog in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride is the same dog that is in the Carousel of Progress.

17.) The lake in which the Fantasmic attraction takes place is only about 1 foot deep.

18.) There is a secret apartment above Main Street USA’s fire house in the Magic Kingdom.

So, book your vacation there right now (or start saving up the cash) and see if you can spot some of these secrets or find new ones. Share this post if you’re a fan of Disney World or plan on going there soon!

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