Here Are 8 Disney Classics With More Realistic Endings. They’re Disturbingly Truthful.

Disney movies are all about fairytales, happy endings and being filled with warm, fuzzy feelings after you watch them. They’re they perfect way to improve your mood. You have to admit though, if you look beyond the talking animals and magic, the endings are still pretty unrealistic. That’s why Nickelodeon storyboard animator Jeff Hong decided to put a little twist on the Disney movies we all know and love. His Tumblr is called Unhappily Ever After and he draws out realistic endings for Disney movies. They’re a lot darker than what you’re familiar with (and it’s awesome).

1.) Bambi … if the hunters won.

2.) The Little Mermaid … if the oceans weren’t as friendly and clean.

3.) Mulan … if she had to fight off disease and pollution.

4.) Pocahontas … if her family survived the Trail of Tears.

5.) The Princess and the Frog … if historically accurate.

6.) Dumbo … if he was in a real circus.

7.) Chicken Little … if he was in a world where people ate chickens.

8.) The Hunchback of Notre Dame … if street living in the city was realistic.

Source: Unhappily Ever After via BuzzFeed If Disney cartoons were a little more realistic, they wouldn’t have such happy endings and this cartoonist proves it. The dark twist he puts on Disney movies is a little strange and disturbingly truthful. Share them with others.

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