Here Are The 25 Angriest, Harshest Letters Ever Left On Windshields. #13 Is Full Of RAGE.

Walking back to your car only to see something shoved under the windshield wiper can be a harrowing and awful experience. Dozens of questions may flit through your mind when you see it. Is it a ticket? Did someone hit me? Is it a flyer for some free General Tso’s Chicken? Even if the news were bad, I bet if you found any of these 25 notes left on your car, you’d just have to laugh. I love these people’s style.

1.) Such a great point.

2.) This person is a passive aggressive champ.

3.) Wise words, Sir T Rex.

4.) Traffic cops value honesty.

5.) I hope they like curses!


7.) Simple, but effective.

8.) Grandma will teach you a lesson or two.

9.) Listen to Optimus Prime there, mister.

10.) Ouch, Jack. Ouch.

11.) Checkmate.

12.) To be fair, Stevie Wonder would probably be able to park better than some people out there.

13.) Bob is full o’ the rage.

14.) Wear that badge with shame.

15.) Save the world, conserve your parking spaces.

16.) Good advice … and it’s fun!

17.) Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to work.

18.) Stop revving your engine and listen to the cardboard.

19.) Eek.

20.) At least he left his number.

21.) Not enough people address the potential deviants.

22.) FOUR spots? Now that’s just impressive.

23.) Oh, so that’s why nobody likes me…

24.) Camel fleas ARE the worst.

25.) Cut the guy some slack, please.

So, the next time you see someone taking up more than just one parking spot, feel free to leave them a note. However, instead of yelling at them, find a clever way to work in a life lesson. (And also the fact that you politely tried to curse their car.) If any of these made you smile, share them!

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