Here’s how Dems’ war hypocrisy can be summed up with one brilliant tweet!/GOPMommy/status/514235159525486592

Of course not! Because, hypocrites.

I look forward to hearing from all the anti war democrats today. I'm sure they won't hypocritically support this.

— Vanessa (@rolltideroll95) September 23, 2014

As Twitchy reported, an AP lapdog swiftly tried to spin for President Obama. Syria airstrikes? This war is awesome, guys!

Here’s how the shameless hypocrisy can be summed up:

Shorter Democrats: We were against war before our chosen one was for it.

— Matthew (@Matthops82) September 23, 2014

Ding, ding, ding!

@Matthops82 Shorter Democrats: we were against war before it became racist to oppose it.

— Dial T for Tony (@tonybalogna) September 23, 2014

That too.

On the other hand, there’s this:

Hey. Hey. Let's not let the fact democrats are abject hypocrites re war get in the way of appreciating that we're killing ISIS personnel.

— Neal Dewing (@Neal_Dewing) September 23, 2014

Still. We can point out how utterly shameless and shameful they are. As per usual.


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