Hey, Twitterverse, way to impress our future alien overlords


humans will do just about anything for recognition, inluding adding #tweetsinspace to send their message into the unknown

— LÉON ‮ᴿᴼᴳᴱᴿᴳᶜᴹ (@LonMcGregor) May 7, 2012

Think tweeting to mere earthlings is a little too limiting? On September 21, the Tweets in Space project will beam your tweets to GJ667Cc, an earth-like exoplanet 20 light years away.

Previously, only elite institutions and select individuals with access to expensive equipment could communicate beyond Earth’s orbit. Now, everyday folks need only add the hashtag #tweetsinspace to their short texts, and their words will be relayed to GJ667Cc at the speed of light. Our soon-to-be alien friends will instantly receive scores of unmediated thoughts and responses about politics, philosophy, pop culture, dinner, dancing cats and everything in between.

Sadly, this is what our planet has to offer:

My brilliance goes unrecognized here on Earth, hopefully I will be better appreciated on GJ667Cc #tweetsinspace http://t.co/Pg0hjgnY

— Simon Hargreaves (@snideysimon1919) May 7, 2012

Knock…Knock… #tweetsinspace

— Lingswaran Singh (@lingswaransingh) May 7, 2012

Anybody out there? #tweetsinspace

— Steve Moulton (@StephenRMoulton) May 7, 2012

Can I come live with you? Earth sucks. #tweetsinspace

— JC (@Ahwellnevermind) May 7, 2012

Hello space neighbours! We're having a party next Saturday and would love if you could make it! Love from planet Earth x #tweetsinspace

— Trig (@sambarnet) May 7, 2012

What's your non-domicile tax structure like? #tweetsinspace

— Daly (@Dal_y) May 7, 2012

testing 1, 2, 3… #tweetsinspace

— Chris Butzen (@ChrisButzen) May 2, 2012

Oh, the shame! Let’s hope there’s no intelligent life out there. And if there is, let’s hope they can’t translate these tweets.

You think certain jokes are bad without context? Imagine getting this random crap via interstellar space! #tweetsinspace

— Abe (@Qrtzmn) May 3, 2012


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