His Grandmother Has Alzheimer’s, Which Makes Her Irritable. Then A Dog Came Around

Alzheimer’s is an incredibly difficult disease to have, and it’s heartbreaking to see a loved one suffer from it.

When someone with Alzheimer’s has trouble remembering or recognizing family members, they can become very frustrated and feel a sense of despair. Their caregivers attempt to find ways to keep them happy and feeling positive, but they never know what works until they try it.

Richard Dawson, who takes care of his grandmother Winifred Lowe, found a special way to brighten up her days, and it’s taking the internet by storm.

Dawson, pictured below, told BuzzFeed News about his grandmother’s condition. “She has good and bad days,” he said. “She can get very confused and upset, or sometimes angry.”

So Dawson had the brilliant idea to bring a friend to visit. He borrows Orla the dachshund to come see Grandma twice per week, and the difference it’s made is amazing.

Whenever Orla spends time with her, she is “constantly smiling and playing and doesn’t worry about not remembering things,” Dawson said.

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