I Felt Sick When I First Saw This Homeless Kitten. But Now – I’m Smiling From Ear To Ear.

When this kitten was found on the streets, his rescuer thought he was a goner. He was so sick that he barely looked like a kitten. Not only that, but he was obviously malnourished. He was immediately taken in and treated with love, kindness and lots of antibiotics.

Then, he transformed into an extremely handsome little cat.

When Bandit was found, both of his eyes were so infected they were matted shut. He was also starving.

After getting his eyes cleaned, Bandit finally realized he could see. And what he saw was hope.

Not only was Bandit receiving medical attention, he was also receiving belly rubs. We think this was more effective at healing the kitty.

Slowly but surely, Bandit began to recover (and look like a wise old man).

Soon enough, he was a total heart throb. We dare you not to fall in love with this kitten.

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