‘Idiocracy’: CDC director does a 180 on Ebola ‘protocol breach’ blame

1st @DrFriedenCDC blames nurse/hospital 4 "breach of protocol." http://t.co/fonDwTHoSP | NOW poses as their champ https://t.co/7Zr42IvcZI

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) October 13, 2014

After it was learned that a nurse who had been caring for Ebola patient Thomas Duncan had also come down with the virus, the CDC immediately blamed it on a “protocol breach,” implying that the nurse and/or hospital must have used or removed her protective gear improperly, accidentally exposing her to the virus.

Yesterday: Breach of protocol in Dallas to blame:

CDC: Protocol breach in treating Ebola patient http://t.co/mkuvNaQ3kZ

— Robert Kempster (@debtfreeguy) October 12, 2014

#Ebola infections in health workers occur when there is a breach in protocol. CDC will be investigating how this may have occurred.

— Dr. Tom Frieden (@DrFriedenCDC) October 12, 2014


Health workers are on the frontlines of the #Ebola fight. We all take responsibility for their preparedness & safety.

— Dr. Tom Frieden (@DrFriedenCDC) October 13, 2014

The enemy is a virus and there is no blame to place on anyone on the frontlines of the #Ebola fight.

— Dr. Tom Frieden (@DrFriedenCDC) October 13, 2014

What tomorrow will bring is anybody’s guess.

@michellemalkin @DrFriedenCDC Idiocracy is upon us

— Greg (@FoolishReporter) October 13, 2014



That awkward moment when CDC claims Ebola ‘protocol breach’ or something. Then ‘forgets’ to mention it HERE

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