If You Have At Least 50 Facebook Friends, One Of Them Is Facing This NIGHTMARE Right Now.

One out of every 200 women suffer from anorexia. Four out of 200 suffer from bulimia. That probably means at least one of your Facebook friends is facing a deadly eating disorder. Only about 30% of anorexics ever recover from the disease – the rest will die young.

This is the story of a girl in that 30% who overcame it all. This is her story in her words:

“94 pounds. Not my lowest weight, but the lowest of my most recent relapse.”

“I would take pictures of individual body parts to try to understand what I looked like. All I could see was fat.”

“I took this picture of myself in May 2012, the day before I left for inpatient treatment.”

“Today, one year later, I weigh 117 pounds. I’m not happy with my body, but I am happier with my life. This is the longest that I have been able to maintain a healthy weight over an 11 year long fight with my illness.”

She looks GREAT. Way to go!


Share this story on Facebook. It might be the motivation someone suffering from anorexia or bulimia needs right now.

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