Is this the real (and hilarious) reason Geraldo won’t do ‘Dancing with the Stars’?!/GeraldoRivera/status/364576093254057985

Geraldo won’t do “Dancing with the Stars” because of a “bad foot”? A likely story.

But wait … maybe there is some truth to that.!/eileeneulich/status/364584775006167041

Funny ’cause it’s true!

Here’s a brief walk down Foot-in-Mouth Lane:

There was the time Rivera blamed the Boston Marathon bombings on “homegrown anarchists.” There was that very special episode of drunken Yom Kippur tweeting, the insistence that Rachel Jeantel was a “credible witness,” and of course, all that Trayvon hoodie business.

And let’s not forget after Hurricane Sandy when Geraldo Antoinette scrambled to find a generator … for his koi pond.

Much more in our Geraldo archives.

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