It Looks Like A Normal Fire Pit From One Side, But Wait ‘Til You See It From The Other!

It’s almost warm enough out to spend afternoons and evenings around a fire pit roasting s’mores.

And while you could make your own, when you see this epic creation, you may rethink that idea. Redditor alphacodemonkey was gifted this particular fire pit by a friend and said that it was made by a high school student in welding class. If that sounds pretty standard, just wait…

You don’t have to be a Star Wars fan to full-on geek out over this flaming Death Star fire pit.

It looks pretty normal from some angles…

But from this side? Wow.

Maybe someone hit the exhaust port with torpedoes…

While this creation is one of a kind, you can actually purchase similar pits for yourself!

As is to be expected, though, they all cost a pretty penny.

Just one question: Does owning one of these make you a lover of the dark side?

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