It started with Slutwalk, it ended with hypocrisy exposure, key question [pic]!/chelsea_elisa/status/503342929638064128

Alas, yes, there was. We are givers, so we had it covered for you. A Twitter user spanked the dumbassery known as Slutwalk with some blistering truth and a devastating suggestion. Now it’s time to point out how the ludicrous “feminists” exposed their utter hypocrisy.!/chelsea_elisa/status/503383391405101057


And an exit question for the geniuses:!/LilMissRightie/status/503546597662158848


Blistering truth: Slutwalk spanked with one devastating suggestion

‘Patriarchy isn’t gonna smash itself!’ SlutWalk Chicago brings out feminism’s best [photos, video]

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