Left attacks Liz Cheney as blood-drinking crackhead for defending Palin


After former Vice President Dick Cheney dissed Sarah Palin on Sunday, his eldest daughter Liz took to Twitter to voice her disagreement.

It wasn’t long before the Left’s Cheney Derangement Syndrome was on full display. And since the target was a conservative woman, it was served up with a heaping side of condescending, dismissive sexism.

@mlake9 @Liz_Cheney Agreed… as long as we're talking about showing off your ass in tight skirts.

— semironic (@semironic) July 30, 2012

.@speechboy71 @Liz_Cheney @SarahPalinUSA Yes, completely adorable. For a cravenly insane right wing sack of lying shit like Baby Dick Liz.

— bmaz (@bmaz) July 30, 2012

@speechboy71 @Liz_Cheney Is there any reason to regard Liz Cheney as something other than her father's spokesperson?

— Zathras (@Zathras3) July 30, 2012

@JoeMuto @Liz_Cheney @SarahPalinUSA What qualification has Liz Cheney than the Cheney name.

— Delores Watson (@dmillerwats) July 30, 2012

What qualifications does Liz Cheney have? How about former State Department official, political analyst and co-founder of a national security organization?

@Arianna8927 @liz_cheney isnt even qualified to clean up after my dogs. She is the fruit of nepotism @sarahpalinusa

— Rita A (@ritaag) July 30, 2012

Of course. The dumb wingnut broad is only successful because of her dad.

Nothing enrages the Left like an accomplished conservative woman. Better teach her a lesson about speaking up:

@Liz_Cheney That statement by you about @SarahPalinUSA is proof positive that you're as insane/delusional as every other Tea Party nut.

— Karen J (@KaJo503) July 30, 2012

@Liz_Cheney @SarahPalinUSA Coming fr braindead masochist like U=compliment 2 POTUS.Palin calls U the F word,wher BO/JB support U=UR an idiot

— Jewel Hussein Obama (@Pro_Obama2012) July 30, 2012

.@Liz_Cheney proves that she is half as smart as @dickcheney, who is half as smart as GW, who is half as smart as Zippy the Pinhead

— Hershell Bryant (@Hershell_Bryant) July 30, 2012

@Liz_Cheney @SarahPalinUSA Step away from the crack pipe!

— Alycee (@jazziz2) July 30, 2012


— Fran (@DeeeVaaa) July 30, 2012

@Liz_Cheney @SarahPalinUSA Your soul is even uglier than your words. I hope you find some peace in life, because you sure don't have it now.

— aspirational12 (@aspirational12) July 30, 2012

@Liz_Cheney @sarahpalinusa wow, you're an idiot. She quit during her term as Gov. She was a train wreck VP Nom. Go drink blood w/ Daddy.

— psychedelicatessen (@MentalRiot) July 30, 2012


@Liz_Cheney @SarahPalinUSA Liz, you ain't got the skilz to pick a VP like your old man does. And he ain't worth a bucket of spit at that.

— montag (@buffaloon) July 30, 2012

@Liz_Cheney @SarahPalinUSA That's either the most blatant lie or the most stupid, insane statement anyone could make about Palin.

— Hannah Rose (@msdefarge) July 30, 2012


@Liz_Cheney @sarahpalinusa Are you insane?

— Kyle Gehlen (@KyleGehlen) July 29, 2012

Krazy w/a K! RT @Liz_Cheney: Rarely do I disagree with best VP ever but @SarahPalinUSA more qualified than Obama and Biden combined.

— Wendy (@wilkster2) July 29, 2012

@Liz_Cheney @SarahPalinUSA LOL put down the bath salts and head to rehab!!

— AAmom (@AVD911) July 30, 2012

@Liz_Cheney @sarahpalinusa That just made me throw up in my mouth. Most ignorant thing I've heard.

— Don (@GreatDaneDon) July 30, 2012


. @WMCLLC >>> @Liz_Cheney @SarahPalinUSA <<< That's a PAIR of idiots.

— UV (@UltraVerified) July 30, 2012

@UltraVerified @Liz_Cheney @SarahPalinUSA omg all the Cheneys are nutjobs!! LMAO!! SCARY S HIT THESE PPL R WHAKADOODLES!

— City Photographer (@NewYorkPhotoGal) July 30, 2012

A conservative woman defends another conservative woman’s record and the Left responds with unhinged vitriol. But it’s the Right that’s waging a War on Women?

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/07/30/left-attacks-liz-cheney-as-insane-blood-drinking-crackhead-for-defending-palin/

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