Lib misogynists drooling at the prospect of ‘slutty’ binder Halloween costumes

As Twitchy reported, lefties are creepily obsessed with Mitt Romney’s remark about the “binders full of women” he and his staff looked through when considering potential female employees for his cabinet. They’re convinced that Binder-gate will singlehandedly destroy the Romney campaign, because, clearly, Romney is nothing more than a misogynist who refuses to see women as women. Funny, then, that these same liberals are positively giddy about the potential for “binders full of women” Halloween costumes:

Mitt Romney’s debate achievement -deciding what Halloween costume every woman will choose- Binder Full of Women Costumes Everywhere #debate

— Comedy Muse (@ComedyMuse) October 17, 2012

I can only imagine how many girls are getting their binder costumes together.

— Brendan Jaharis (@DrunkSocialite) October 17, 2012

Number of people in my Facebook feed claiming to plan binder full of women Halloween costumes: 12, but it’s early in the day.

— Andrea Peterson (@kansasalps) October 17, 2012

Bitches, I better see some of you in binder costumes on the 31st. It’s the Chilean miner equivalent for Halloween 2012.

— Jeremy Elder (@shapeandcolour) October 17, 2012

How many people are working on their “Binder Full of Women” Halloween costumes this weekend?

— Dustin Glick (@Dustinland) October 17, 2012

These pathetic lefties, so quick to lob the misogynist label at Romney, can’t wait to witness the impending Halloween parade of women in “slutty” binder costumes:

Idea for the ladies: slutty binder costume for Halloween.#Debate2012

— Chad Kesler (@Chadmmmk) October 17, 2012

I want to see a binder of slutty women costume come #halloween. Get on it ladies! #debate2012

— John T Wren (@jtdub21) October 17, 2012

I want to be in that binder “@carodgz: revising my Halloween costume: slutty binder of women.”

— Sondy Bojanic (@sondybojanic) October 17, 2012

How are us ladies gonna figure out a slutty binder costume for Halloween??

— Jessica Lin (@jesswlin) October 17, 2012

Attn costumeshops: the must-have ladies costume is now Slutty Binder. Put some office supplies in those big baggies you like and go! #debate

— Blacktress (@Blacktress) October 17, 2012

Anyone want to help me figure out how to make a binder costume slutty?

— Flannfry (@mediacrity) October 17, 2012

Well, I think it’s pretty clear what my Halloween costume will be: a slutty binder full of women.

— Kristen (@ludakristen) October 17, 2012

Obviously “Binder Full Of Women” is going to be the slutty costume of the year

— Zac Little (@zacharylittle) October 17, 2012

Halloween costume idea:Slutty Binder.#thanksGovernorRomney!

— Kristy Eriksen (@kristyeriksen) October 17, 2012

RT @tashfoolery: Do you think China can turn around enough slutty “women in a binder” costumes in time for Halloween!? #debate #realtalks

— ryan lacquement (@lacquement) October 17, 2012

Best/Worst thing still to come from last night’s debate: the “slutty binder” Halloween costumes. #bindersfullofwomen

— Novem (@grimm_punk) October 17, 2012

I didn’t watch the debate last night but thanks to twitter I got the highlights. So there’s going to be a rush on slutty binder costumes?

— Aurore (@MlleAuroreB) October 17, 2012

Ok, ladies. Let’s see your slutty binder costumes for Halloween this year. #BinderFullOfWomen

— Frank Zurbano (@fzurbano) October 17, 2012

I expect slutty binder Halloween costumes by the end of the week.

— Todd Nickel (@toddnickel) October 17, 2012

Can’t wait to see all the slutty binder costumes this Halloween.

— Verdell Wilson (@MissRFTC) October 17, 2012

See? Objectification of women is totally cool when liberals do it!

A website for the costume has already sprung up:

@ssigafoos This costume website has done the Romney Binder thinking for you:…

— JD Beebe (@jdbeebe) October 17, 2012

Complete with more misogyny and racism:

Way to go, liberals.



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