Looking For A Reason To Cancel That Beach Vacation? Well, Here Are 12

Have you ever thought about how much fear people associate with the ocean?

Between the sheer power of water and the many creatures that lurk in the depths, there’s always something frightening afoot in the seas that cover so much of our planet.

And most people will tell you that sharks top the terrifying list. These powerful beasts are killing machines. If you ever come into contact with a shark, play it safe and just assume that they want to kill you. To help guide you through the shark encounter that I sincerely hope you never have to deal with, here are a few monsters of the deep you should watch out for. Better safe than sorry, right?

1. Cookiecutter Shark


These guys get their name from the uniform, perfectly shaped scars they leave on their victims. I wouldn’t want to get anywhere near those teeth.

2. Basking Shark

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Despite their fearsome appearance, basking sharks are totally uninterested in eating humans. They’re filter feeders that cruise the ocean depths for their meals. Still…stay away.

3. Megamouth Shark

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This extremely rare shark prefers the darkness of the ocean’s most frightening depths. There have only ever been 55 confirmed sightings in human history. That’s probably a good thing.

4. Frilled Shark

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They normally dwell in the deep, dark ocean, but every once in a while, a frilled shark will make its way into shallow waters. That’s when you should panic. These suckers have 300 razor-sharp teeth that are always ready to rip you to shreds.

5. Whale Shark

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Even though they’re technically the biggest fish in the ocean, whale sharks pose no threat to humans. They prefer the taste of plankton over human flesh. Still, I wouldn’t want to get between them and their supper. Look at that mouth!

6. Tiger Shark

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While tiger sharks attack relatively few people each year, those that they do attack usually don’t fare well. If you see one in the water…well…it was nice knowing you.

7. Great White Shark

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These beasts are pure evil and they’re 100 percent deadly. In recorded history ,they’ve been responsible for at least 314 unprovoked attacks on humans. If you see one…RUN! Or swim. Probably swim.

8. Mako Shark

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The trademark of the mako shark is the way it kills its prey. Most swim under their prey where they remain undetected until the moment they strike and absolutely destroy whatever sorry creature was unlucky enough to get in its way.

9. Goblin Shark

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Goblin sharks have the unique ability of reaching out with their jaws and snatching their prey. If they lived in shallower waters, they’d probably make our lives miserable.

10. Bull Shark

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These creatures love to hang out in shallow waters and are big enough to do some serious damage to humans who get too close. Avoid them at all costs.

11. Whitetip Reef Shark

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These buggers are small and they generally avoid humans, but that doesn’t mean you’re safe. Reef sharks have been known to steal catches away from unsuspecting fishermen. Messing with people’s livelihoods isn’t cool, guys!

12. Hammerhead Shark

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They might look deadly, but most species of hammerhead shark are pretty docile. Still, that could change in a heartbeat if you get on a hammerhead’s nerves.

(via Discovery)

No beaches for me, friends! Seriously. There are way too many sharks out there, and I just don’t want to mess with them.

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